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Position Development is a worker-run software development company with a focus on independent media, cultural institutions and socially minded organizations.

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what we do

We carefully pair high-end technology services to the requirements and reality of our clients' day to day operation. We study their needs and create unique systems and processes to ensure their objectives are met.

  • Front and backend development
  • Automated testing and deployment
  • Ecommerce and fulfillment
  • Legacy applications
  • Technical strategy

project spotlight

Verso Books (versobooks.com)

I’ve worked closely with Position Development for nearly three years, and I’m very happy to highly recommend them — they’re an unusually talented and effective development studio.

With regular maintenance tasks and smaller projects, where we work directly with Position Development, they have been able to explain the potential merits and problems of alternative approaches. With larger projects — where Verso also engages Rumors as a design studio — Position Development have been very helpful in negotiating our various roles, and flexible in adopting extra tasks and/or working in different ways with the design team.

They work as a very effective team, and my management has been limited to a weekly review and discussion of projects and tasks within JIRA. I’ve been impressed by their assessment and adoption of different systems for project-based teamwork. They often work in pairs, which seems to work very well.

We’re very happy with our working relationship with Position Development, and very keen to see them grow and take on more projects!

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