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  • Matt Raibert

    Matt’s software philosophy is to stay focused on identified business needs and to avoid spending time on over-engineered solutions. He and his team craft understandable, maintainable code that does what it needs to do. He has developed skill at this over a 10 year career in the software industry serving a variety of happy clients.

    In his work as a consultant for Cyrus, Matt experienced first-hand the value of highly agile, collaborative, and democratic software development teams. In 2014 he co-founded Position Development with the mission of making a more democratic company.

    Through his network of leftist and progressive media makers, Matt has developed a niche for Position as the foremost provider of ecommerce and custom web-application development for independent media.

  • Cassie Moy

    Cassie’s priority is writing high quality software for organizations doing important work. In her free time, she volunteers for Sadie Nash Leadership Project and Code Cooperative. Cassie started at Position Development as an apprentice in 2015.

  • Libby Horacek

    Libby is a software developer with an interest building excellent, sustainable technical infrastructure for growing organizations. In 2014, she received a grant to study at the Recurse Center, which allowed her to move from her home state of West Virginia to NYC. For the past five years, she’s been maintainer of several open source Haskell libraries as well as the Wayland platform for magazines. Libby has also spoken at conferences and technical meetups including Allied Media Conference, !!Con, Haskell Users Group, EMPEX LA, Abstractions, and Monadic Party.

  • Lisa LaRochelle

    Lisa is a software developer excited about building solid, maintainable software for our clients. In and out of work, she likes to contribute to organizations and open source projects that work for better social circumstances and internet freedom. She is a former chocolatier and pastry chef and likes keeping houseplants alive. Lisa joined Position Dev in early 2020 and works with the team from a tiny jungle in her apartment.

  • Jamal McDowell

    Jamal is a software developer who loves working with organizations that empower people. His favorite coding languages include React, Ruby, and Javascript. Outside of work he enjoys long boarding, volunteering, and seeing new sights. He joined Position Development in 2020.

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