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Our Mission

Position Development is a worker-run software development company, with a focus on independent media, cultural institutions and socially minded organizations.

Our worker-run team specializes in the needs of independent and radical media. With this focus, we efficiently serve the software needs of the organizations that we care about in a way that focuses on their goals.

The flexibility and skills that we have developed also enable us to excel in work with start-ups and mid-sized businesses of all kinds.

Our Clients

Our Services

We carefully pair high-end technology services to the requirements and reality of our clients' day to day operation. We study their needs and create unique systems and processes to make sure their objectives are met.

Front and Backend Development

Automated Testing and Deployment

Ecommerce and Fulfillment

Legacy Applications

Technical Strategy

Project spotlight

Verso Books (versobooks.com)

I’ve worked closely with Position Development for nearly three years, and I’m very happy to highly recommend them — they’re an unusually talented and effective development studio.

With regular maintenance tasks and smaller projects, where we work directly with Position Development, they have been able to explain the potential merits and problems of alternative approaches. With larger projects — where Verso also engages Rumors as a design studio — Position Development have been very helpful in negotiating our various roles, and flexible in adopting extra tasks and/or working in different ways with the design team.

They work as a very effective team, and my management has been limited to a weekly review and discussion of projects and tasks within JIRA. I’ve been impressed by their assessment and adoption of different systems for project-based teamwork. They often work in pairs, which seems to work very well.

We’re very happy with our working relationship with Position Development, and very keen to see them grow and take on more projects!

Jacob Stevens, Managing Director, Verso Books

Our Tech


Ruby, Java, Haskell, SQL, Javascript, Python


Postgresql, MySQL, Redis


AWS, Heroku, Stripe, Braintree

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Our Team

Matt Raibert

Matt’s software philosophy is to stay focused on identified business needs and to avoid spending time on over-engineered solutions. He and his team craft understandable, maintainable code that does what it needs to do. He has developed skill at this over a 10 year career in the software industry serving a variety of happy clients.

In his work as a consultant for Cyrus, Matt experienced first-hand the value of highly agile, collaborative, and democratic software development teams. In 2014 he co-founded Position Development with the mission of making a more democratic company.

Through his network of leftist and progressive media makers, Matt has developed a niche for Position as the foremost provider of ecommerce and custom web-application development for independent media.

Libby Horacek

Libby is a software developer with an interest building excellent, sustainable technical infrastructure for growing organizations. Born and raised in West Virginia, she didn’t find much support there for her interests in software and social justice. In 2014, she received a grant to study at the Recurse Center in Manhattan and moved to NYC.

At Recurse Center, Libby studied functional programming. After RC, she joined The Learning Collective, a group of activists teaching each other to create software for power-distant publics. There she met Daniel Patterson, then a worker-owner at Position, who encouraged her to apply to work with Position. Libby has also spoken at conferences and technical meetups including Allied Media Conference, !!Con, AlterConf DC, and Haskell Users Group, and is on the leadership committee for the MergeSort NYC feminist hackerspace.

Cassie Moy

Cassie’s priority is writing high quality software for organizations doing important work. She works mostly in Ruby and Rails, and is currently interested in creative coding and generative lit. In her free time, she volunteers for Coalition for Queens and Girl Develop It.

Previously, she worked as a web developer in the financial sector, building internal tools for financial institutions. Cassie first became interested in programming while she was studying public policy and English at the University of Chicago. Cassie started at Position Development as an apprentice in 2015.

David Hartunian

David is a programmer who enjoys working on user-facing software and collaborating closely with clients.

Over the course of 8 years in the industry, David gained experience solving problems through software for finance and education. He most recently spent 3 years building educational technology software at Knewton where he was involved in all aspects of technical planning and implementation including data modeling, user research, and frontend design.

David loves working at Position because he enjoys supporting the work of its clients and being part of its strongly collaborative culture.

Daniel Patterson

Daniel was a worker-owner of Position before he left to study at Northeastern University.