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Working at Position

We're a software development company that serves leftist and independent media companies. We're dedicated to building quality software to help expand the breadth of discourse, culture, and thought available to English-speaking audiences. We also look for opportunities to grow our collective skill sets for unique and creative projects.

We're equally dedicated providing a healthy working environment. We believe that developers do their best work when they have plenty of time off, and we encourage everyone to work about 30-35 hours per week. We like what we do, but we recognize that it is work, not an act of love.

We value

  • Moving thoughtfully and maintaining things
  • Diversity, inclusion, and social justice
  • Learning, teaching, and collaborating with each other

You can learn more about our values on our Key Values profile.

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Previous roles

Mini apprenticeship (6 weeks)

Position Dev is piloting a mini apprenticeship program! We’re looking for a junior developer to join us for 6 weeks on-site at our New York City office to work on the Wayland magazine platform, which is used by Jacobin, Current Affairs and Monthly Review.

What you’ll be doing

You’ll create and style web pages with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll learn how to add basic features to a Haskell web app and contribute to open-source libraries. You’ll solve real-world problems that affect users, and work with experienced developers to build features that bring value to our clients.

We’re looking for someone who can:

  • Create and style web pages with HTML and CSS
  • Use Vue, jQuery, and vanilla JavaScript to add interactivity to web pages
  • Create forms that communicate with a backend
  • Build the backend for a form
  • Collaborate with other developers
  • Make commits and branches and push to GitHub
  • Use the command line to navigate a file system and run programs

We don't expect applicants to have any knowledge of Haskell. Backend skills can be in any language or framework.


  • Start date: Monday, March 2, 2020
  • $30 per hour, up to 35 hours per week, and a MetroCard
  • On-site at our New York City office in lower Manhattan

We’re looking for a developer with at least 3 years of experience to join our team onsite in Brooklyn.

Ruby on Rails Developer

You'll be working mainly on our largest and most successful project, Folio. This Rails application has enabled Verso Books to sell books directly to customers over the past five years, and now it’s the platform that Haymarket Books and Seven Stories Press use as well.

We collaborate closely with our clients to make Folio better and you would have an important role in making that happen. Direct sales through Folio provide a crucial revenue stream for independent publishers. By working on Folio, you'll have daily real-world impact helping them grow and reach new readers.

Polyglot Web Developer

Depending on your skills and preferences as well as client demand, you’ll work on projects from several different clients:

  • The Wayland magazine platform used by Jacobin, Current Affairs, and Dissent. Position maintains several Haskell libraries, including a web framework, developed for Wayland.
  • An experimental book search product built in collaboration with book publisher clients. It's built using Java 8, Solr, and React. We can’t tell you too much about it yet, but it’s very exciting.
  • A custom CRM for a magazine, written in Python and VueJS
  • The Ruby on Rails publishing platform, Folio, described above
  • Several other projects in our pipeline, which include data migrations, interactive maps, and data visualizations for progressive blogs, radical history teachers, and machine learning startups, written in Python, React, and/or VueJS.

While we work in many different languages, our infrastructure is standardized around Docker and Amazon Web Services.

What are typical days at Position like?

Monday through Thursday, we write code for clients:

  • Using test-driven development, you'll build new features for web applications.
  • We'll review your code, and you'll review our code and give helpful advice.
  • You'll pair program with other developers about half the time.
  • You'll improve the codebases through refactoring.
  • You'll write unit and integration tests.
  • You'll use git for version control.
  • You'll debug problems found by clients and their customers.

On Fridays, we do most of the non-client work that keeps Position running, including meetings, planning, sales, hiring, and other essential functions. We also take this time to improve processes and learn new things.


  • 30-35 hour work week
  • Flextime: core hours are 10:30am - 3pm
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation and 10 paid holidays per year
  • New computer for work
  • Commuter benefits
  • Paid family leave
  • Health insurance with significant premium subsidy
  • Discretionary funds for conferences, events, and sponsorships

Our hiring process

We collect demographic information to better understand our applicant outreach. This information is:

  • optional
  • anonymous, and
  • not attached to your application in any way.

We’ll use aggregate data during the resume review stage to learn if we need to do more outreach, and in the future to determine if our outreach efforts are improving each year.

We do blind resume review to counter unconscious bias. This means a friend of Position will blank out your name and any social media handles or personal website URLs before we review your resume. Importantly, we don’t review your website or Github as part of the resume review step. So, if there’s something on your Github or website you’d like us to know about, please talk about it in your cover letter or resume.

We use structured interviewing. This means that we ask every applicant the same basic questions.

We value diversity and encourage applications from members of groups underrepresented in tech. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, gender identity or expression, gender, genetics, marital status, military status, national origin or ancestry, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

We provide reasonable accommodations as needed to people with disabilities.

After we receive your resume, we’ll email you with more detailed information about our process. If you have any questions, drop us a line at work@positiondev.com and we'll be happy to answer or schedule a call.